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Empowering Human Resources, One WhatsApp At A Time

Updated: Jan 11, 2023


Munshi- India’s First-Ever WhatsApp-based HRMS Solution

Businesses and enterprises make the most of technology to save time and cost and increase overall productivity. With the objective of making the internal business process stress-free, innovators are always trying to find solutions to maximize their benefits. The latest HRMS software launches with the aim to enable modern-day businesses with coherent results. But are these solutions feasible to use? Even today, all the HRMS software are either app-based or cloud-based which doesn’t prove to be user-friendly at all. The users are required to take training to implement such software in the daily workflow which adds to the hassle, efficiency, time and cost. As a matter of fact, the main intent of introducing lucidity in the workflow isn’t attained as the end result. So, is there a solution?

Munshi Is The Future For The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Introducing Munshi, India’s first-ever WhatsApp-based HRMS software to acquire comprehensible, actionable, and efficient outcomes! The best way to describe Munshi would be to call it integrated and interactive enterprise software for even laymen who aren’t tech-savvy. The HRMS solution uses pioneering solutions to handle your workforce through our state-of-the-art portal. Munshi eliminates the need for apprehending, learning, training and all other complexities involved with using app-based and cloud-based HRMS solutions.

Munshi is the brainchild of the founders of MobCast, the brand that reformed the business. After the success of MobCast, Munshi is on a mission to revolutionize the current business scenario. It is an accessible and easy-to-use WhatsApp-based platform dedicated to tracking and handling your employees efficiently. Munshi mitigates the redundant and daunting employee management process of the complex HRMS system. Employees get to connect and update their day-to-day activities to the employers. You could refer to Munshi as your new and sorted HR solution to all your employee-related woes.

The Revolutionary Features Of Munshi

  • Geolocation and Facial Recognition to mark attendance. The platform has tools to geolocate your employees and even opt for facial recognition to track their attendance. These features could work over different shifts and different units at different locations for the same business.

  • Munshi is just one application that can work for all branches anywhere in the world. With the help of a platform like Munshi, you could even build your very own MIS for convenience

  • The platform allows for end-to-end self-service for employees for easy accessibility

  • Munshi offers a list of customized leave policies depending on the protocols set by the organization. The app knows how to handle leave applications. You cannot have all the employees go on leave at the same time. It seamlessly manages the leave applications and formulates a way to optimize the leave such that workflow is not affected

  • Munshi uses a state-of-the-art OCR system to ensure smooth and efficient action. Monthly payouts, allowances, advances, and expenses could also be met through the platform. The expenses could also be automatically categorized depending on the company’s needs through the platform

Who Are the Founding Members?

Munshi boosts a team of diverse and inclusive talented experts who prioritize making constant improvements to streamline employee management. The founding members understood the key points to cater to an efficient employee interactive platform.

Munshi is a new adventure but the revolution started long back with MobCast. Ashwin Roy Choudhary, the founder MobCast is a visionary leader who gives life to his ideas. He believes that technology must be easy-to-use for regular individuals. Being a leader, he always devises and ideates unique concepts to simplify intricate technologies. Munshi is one such agile solution. It is simple to use and most importantly, powerful enough to handle all the tasks swiftly.

Enterprise-grade technology and digitization incorporate various aspects to make the employee experience good. Munshi's vision is to be a global enterprise and become a trusted solution to as many organizations as possible.

Who Can Use Munshi?

Munshi is an enterprise-based software application digitizing the HR system. It is one step solution to manage all your employees at your fingertips. This software application is particularly designed to deal with each employee on a personal level. If you are interested in driving beneficial pay-offs, let’s get started.

  • The services for large enterprises are not only limited to their current geographical location, but provide an array of services that have a wide geographical spread reaching out to all kinds of clients

  • Banking, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Retail, Logistics Support, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Consumer Durables and all other industries can enable strategic framework through Munshi

  • Business heads, corporate professionals, remote workers, tech newbies such as delivery personnel, senior individuals and anyone who are not a tech wizard can navigate through the process without seeking any professional help

  • Perfect for organizations and enterprises that have a huge workflow to manage. There are provisions for tracking attendance, leave application management, and transaction details to be exchanged between the organization and the employee directly. The employee directly interacts with the software application to put forward their needs and demands

  • Enterprises demanding end-to-end encryption. Munshi uses one of the strongest algorithms in the world for proper data protection. We promise security and convenience!

Interested to tap into the world of Munshi? You are just one chat away from experiencing how great the application platform is. Get ready to be part of the new world!

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